A Whiskey Takeoff

Day 1- A Whiskey Takeoff photo 4

Saturday night I tried to go to sleep early but it was pretty hard considering I knew that in just a matter of hours I would be up and on my way to Costa Rica. I guess I will say I slept a bit, but nothing of much quality. At 4:30 am I popped out of bed. For those of you that know me I am not, I repeat in capital letters, NOT a morning person, but on Sunday I was.

I showered, grabbed the last of my belongings and got in my car and drove to the bus station. From there I took the bus to Logan airport in Boston. On this trip I was determined to live out of my comfort zone. My regular life is very comfortable and so it was time to jump out of that box. One of the things I decided to do as a part of this anti-comfort zone policy was to only bring a carry on. Now mind you, I had to pack at least one full bag of camera equipment so that left me with one backpack of clothes, shoes, excessive jewelry and of course hair dye. I packed like a pro and was so proud. So when I got to the terminal I thought, “this time, instead of paying $75 extra dollars because my checked bag exceeds the weight limit, I will simply take these two bags with me,” living light, I called it.

photo 3photo 2

So as I casually said “no,’ after being asked if I was checking any bags, (glancing around to see if anyone was listening to my proud answer) I was told that one of my bags was too big to fly internationally on board. Apparently the international measurements for carry ons are different that when you travel within America. I was so bummed. But I got over it and went to my terminal.

Before I left my parents gave me exactly what I would think each parent would give me. My mom gave me a bag of candy and a letter telling me how much she loves me. She’s been doing this for 31 years. My mum (my stepmom) gave me a bag of sandwiches for the trip with a note on the bag saying – Bon Voyage. And my very irish dad gave me 4 nips of Irish Whiskey.

I got to my gate and decided there really was no better time to start enjoying these gifts than now. So I cracked open the whiskey, ate a turkey sandwich and had some candy for dessert. Fucking awesome.

photo 1

The trip to Costa Rica was boring and to be honest I feel asleep before we took off. Thanks Irish Whiskey. When I stepped off the plane, my first thought was, “Now my feet have touched Costa Rica.” It was a very cool feeling.  And this guy only added to that amazing feeling. My new Bff.

photo 5


For those of you that may not know, I arranged a barter with all the the hotels I am staying at for this trip. I do professional photos of their hotel and they give me a few free nights stay. Thank you to part of my brain that still thinks like a marketing manager (queue one time I’ve ever been thankful for the day job I had prior to doing Capture full time).

I arrived at my first hotel and it was so cute. It’s called Adventure Inn- how fitting. I went to check in and when I said who I was their first words were, “oh the photographer!!!” I usually get this when I run into someone at the Black Seal in Essex and they’ve heard of me, but to hear it in Costa Rica made me feel awesome. I was wiped from the trip and made it an early night. I mean let’s face it, I was about to explore the streets of San Jose, Costa Rica tomorrow. This body needed some rest!


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