A stranger tells me who I am

Day 3 – A stranger tells me who I am

Holly was about to arrive (my very best friend from California). Her and I had talked abut traveling together for years since we both did on our own in our early 20’s. More specifically we talked about going to Central or South America and now here we were- just about to meet in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Tuesday I spent all day in the hotel I was staying at. To go back to San Jose is a bus ride and I needed to do photographs of this hotel, plus i wasn’t ready for the day after awkwardness I would encounter with my new homeless husband.

I felt like I was at the Black Seal but I was in another country. I hung out at a bar, asked a few people if it was ok if I took their photos to help with the hotels website and everyone happily obliged. The great thing is I didn’t just ask to take their photos, I asked who they were, where they were from and got to know them. I mean I was about to blast your face all over the internet, surely we should get to know one other.

My hotel:photo 2 pool

Once I met one couple, I met another and another. I actually told the 1st and the 3rd couple to talk to each other because they were from similar parts of the US. And then it dawned on me, once again this was so much more than a job. With photography, it’s never just a job and that’s why I love it. I now have invitations to stay for free in 5 different parts of the country. And don’t think for one second I won’t take these people up on their genuine offers.

Then I decided to take an afternoon break and a man came up to me and asked if he could talk to me. I said yes and all of a sudden he started telling me my life story. He told me the type of person I am, they type of business woman I am, the types of people I’ve dated and the type of energy I have inside me. At first I thought this was a strange way to pick me up, but the more he spoke the more I realized he simply had thoughts he needed to share with me. He even told me what he sees in my future and what type of mom I will be. He also knew the exact number of children I want and  without realizing it revealed the gender as well. He also noticed the bright orange necklace I was wearing and said it was my inner color, the color that my soul radiates. And as strange as this sounds I’ve always believed that. He told me that I thrive in good energy and can tell right away when someone interferes with it. He said I havean unusual sense of people, that I know their story almost instantly after meeting them. He explained that I get frustrated when others don’t work towards their dreams because I have worked so hard. He also told me the exact type of person I am going to marry. It was pretty amazing.

Below is a sign that was in my hotel room. Enlarge it if you can. This is the rules of the hotel. #5 #9 and #14 are my favorite. It reminded myself of #14 a few times along this trip.


#5 Remember when traveling around Costa Rica to observe, listen, understand and empathize rather than see, hear, take pictures and boast. Be humble and speak English softly. You are a guest but not the center of attention. No one really cares if you are rich.

#9 Remember the excellent bargain you negotiate for a souvenir is at the expense of someone feeding their family on a wage of $1 an hour.

#14 If you want all the comforts of home, ask yourself why you are traveling.

Holly arrives late tuesday night and I am so excited to see her. We throw her stuff  in the room and find the nearest place to buy boos and some food. We bring it back to our little hotel and sit there with cervesas and dinner (aka wrapped unknown meat in a sandwich from days long gone).

We cab it back to the hotel and sit and talk. Not the regular small talk. The kind of talk you have with your girlfriends after you haven’t seen them in a year and you talk every week anyway but it’s notthe same. We caught up on the good, the bad and the in between. It was so refreshing. Like energy for the soul.

We ended our night and fell asleep in Costa Rica together. Saying I love you, goodnight, in person instead of over the phone. We were ready for our trip to begin. Or so we thought.

Selfie at the hotel:  photo 3

Also this was the song of the day: Stompa- Serena Ryder http://youtu.be/Vz7jCY1cpHk 

“People, looking for the great escape
Looking for the greener side
Trying to find a better way
Slow down; open up your big brown eyes
Feel the rhythm in your heart
You don’t even need to try.”


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