A crazy horse and screaming chickens

Day 5- A crazy horse and screaming chickens 

We decided that we would go horseback riding in the morning. We wanted to stick with one part of the day we had planned. We realized a majority of the day would be spent at a police station so why not try to do something, “normal,” first.

With little description of what the horseback riding entailed, we paid our money and got on our horses. Little did we know that we would be horseback riding up an entire mountain, and not just any mountain. A wet, muddy, extremely steep mountain. This was horseback riding gone extreme. My horse’s name was Puncha. Puncha was a bitch who hated her life and wanted to take it out on me.  And honestly I don’t blame her. I think she was the smartest horse because she misbehaved and I would think the owner might not want to bring her out anymore. She took the path less traveled which I had to give her credit for but at the same time we were going through 12-18 inches of mud and I had little if any, control over her. In fact the more control I tried to have, the less I had it. Sounds like someone I know!

When we reached the top of the mountain there was a small river. Puncha decided she was hot and that she would like to sit in the river- with me on her. I screamed but it was too late. Puncha and I were in the river.

Soaking wet, I attempted to shake the river out of my shoes and we made our way to the next stop which was a 20 minute hike down to a waterfall. Once we got to the waterfall I took off my socks and shoes and went in fully clothed. I was hot and this waterfall was absolutely beautiful. I felt like Costa Rica and I were getting closer. Like we had fight last night and now she was trying to make amends. She’s so beautiful, it’s hard to be mad at her.  I took the time to look up at the sky, feel the water on my skin and be thankful for what was right in front of me.

On the way back Puncha didn’t feel like going up the large hill ahead of us so she turned away from the group and decided it would be best to go back to the water. I started off with a ,” Um hey,” which turned into, “Someone help me!” So the dude came over and smacked Puncha with a whip which got her to take off faster than the speed of light. With everyone else way ahead of us, Holly told me that the image of me coming around the corner going 47 miles per hour on this crazy horse will be one that forever lives in her mind. She laughed the whole way down the mountain.

What I imagined horseback riding would be like: horseback_riding_beach-lg01

What horseback riding actually was:


We made our way back down the mountain and it hit me that we now had a long day to face. I won’t bore you with the details but here’s the long story short. A guy we met in Castillo (originally from California) told us to go ask for a guy in Fortuna. We drove to Fortuna and found that guy and he brought us to the police and was able to translate our story to them. He also set us up with a free hotel room for the night in Fortuna. We spent a few hours dealing with all of this and eventually found our way to dinner and drinks. That’s where I realized I was on empty.

Poor Holly tried to talk to me and I had nothing left to say. I was exhausted from the crazy drive, the night of no sleep, Puncha and all the attempts to explain our story to the right people. She understood, we called it an early night and went to bed. I was looking forward to a good nights sleep which I had until 3 am. Holly woke up at the same time as me and my exact words to her were, “What the fuck is that?” It was a noise you could not ignore. At 3 am the local farmer decided it was time to kill his chickens. The screaming of this chickens will be a sound that will be forever engraved in my mind. We both agreed this was an adventure of a lifetime, laughed (because what else can you do) and attempted to go back to sleep. But then I realized it was technically Holly’s birthday so I looked at her with all seriousness and said, “Feliz Cumpleanos!”

Song of the day, Day 5. For Puncha, who brought the beast out of me.


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