Day 7 – Tico Time and Headless Barbies

Day 7-

Samara is a beautiful town and we got to truly enjoy it on Saturday. Holly walked along the beach and I sat and read and caught up on some work. One hour turned into 6 and with no plans, great views and wonderful weather, we truly began to relax. At one point I asked the waiter if he needed my table on the beach for other customers and he looked at me like I had 2 heads. “You take as long as you want here, stay all night, relax, you are on Tico time.” It was wonderful. I thought to myself, “I can sit, relax, not answer to anyone, enjoy my tea, this view and breath.” Hard to remember the last time I felt so content.

This was my breakfast and this was my view as I worked. photo 5 copy 6 photo 4 copy 7photo 1 copy 7

During this time I was able to skype with family and it was so good to see everyone. I caught everyone up on the fiasco in Castillo but assured them I was in a good, safe place now.

Texting with Dad (sorry dad) photo 2 copy 7 Texting with Hannah who wanted to show me her new cats photo 4 copy 6

I spent more time writing and reading. These are such simple activities but I never give myself the time to do these sort of things at home. I realized that it’s important for me to go home and carve out time each day to do these type of things. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day. The work that never ends, the jobs that pile up on after another. But this life isn’t meant for just work. It’s also meant for travel, for reading, for talking, for writing, for photographing and for simply relaxing and enjoying the fact that you are alive.

This is by far one of my most favorite photos from the trip. Beauty was literally all around us. IMG_7827

Here’s my soul sister Holly trekking the beautiful sand. IMG_7839

And here are some random toys I found of a young child sitting near me. Fucking awesome. IMG_7677

Song of the day: This song was on repeat while I relaxed and lived on this wonderful day in Samara 


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