My foot doubles in size

photo 3 copy 8Look at me, being all Costa Rican and cool. I think relaxation looks good on me!

So Saturday was a great relaxing day and if I could have done it over, I would have stayed in Samara longer. The thing is- while I was relaxing and forgetting about life for a while, something bit me. Not like a little bug bite or a small child- like probably a monstrous spider that I somehow missed since I was watching the waves and skyping with my dad in his robe. All of a sudden I looked down and see this-

photo 3 copy 7

I have no idea how it got this bad before I noticed it but I spent most of the afternoon icing it and praying for the swelling to go down because if I had to end up in a Costa Rican hospital I would probably have killed myself at this point. It got worse before it got better but it did eventually get better, thank God.

Sunday morning we drove to a new spot- Mal Pais. This trip SUCKED! The worst roads we encountered the whole time, by far. Nothing to look at, except the whites of my knuckles as I clenched the steering wheel and swore. I can’t remember why I took this photo but I’d sure love to pretend I know what she was saying. “My friend is crazy, we’ve been driving on horrible dirt roads for hours, we’ve been robbed, her foot is now a size 14 and we are lost.”


Here is another one of my favorite photos from the trip. I LOVED the bright colors everywhere we went. It made every image in my camera and through my eyes, pop!

photo 3 copy 6

We arrived in the town we were going to and picked up Holly’s sister, Cati. All we knew was that she was at a bakery. Well, in this very small town it didn’t take us long to find the white girl with a backpack and a surfboard. Here is a photo of a sign in the hostel we stayed at. It’s like they were talking right at me. (sorry mom, I promise to call more when I get home!)photo 4 copy 5

Once we arrived there I needed some MB time to cool off and destress from the drive. I ended up taking a nap in a hammock next to a strange dog. When I woke up, Holly, Cati and I went to an amazing place for dinner where we had food fresh off the fire and at least 2 bottles of wine (that I remember).  I was looking forward to more discovering the next day.

Also- this. Interpret as you feel appropriate.

photo 4 copy 4


I wish I had heard this song before I went on the trip, it was so fitting for that day. 




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