Let’s start this trip off with a buzz…..

So as I laid in bed the night before I left for my big trip I had an epiphany- I wanted to shave the side of my head 🙂 So I text my favorite hairdresser, Stephanie Vergati of SHAG. If you don’t know about Stef or the lovely ladies of SHAG, get to know them, they kick ass and take names. So she texts me back, let’s me know she has a full day of appointments and to come in at any moment and she will make it happen 🙂 That is why I love her.

I thought it was an important first stop of my trip because I think it laid the groundwork for how I want this trip to go: spontaneous, adventurous and life changing (us ladies know a haircut can be life changing). So after I got my new funky do I continued on my way to Philadelphia to see my photographer friend Mike Allebach, The Tattooed Bride Guy. I met Mike just about a year ago at a photography workshop. As soon as I met him I knew we would be bffs. He has the kind of energy that I love- simple, funny and a little emo 🙂

So as soon as I arrived at his studio I paraded my new haircut around his studio. I was so excited. We spent the next few hours chatting about photography, business and life. It’s always therapeutic to spend time talking to a colleague about work. What we do as photography business owners is different from any other job on the planet. I can talk to friends and family (and I do) about the highs and lows and everything in between when it comes to running Capture and as amazing as they are, no one ever quite gets it like another photography business owner, especially one who I connect with on a personal level.

So we had some drinks and ate philly cheesteaks which can only be described as love on a sub and decided to take some photos. That’s the other great thing about being friends with photographers, we take each other’s photographs which is always fun. I have to say though, Mike photographs me in the purest, simplest form that my very favorite photos of me are the ones that he has taken. He lets me be me and most importantly he doesn’t edit out my freckles, he enhances them and they are me. So here are a couple of photos that Mike took that I love, thanks Mike, you rock.




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