Driving long hours makes me delirious

So I had a nice simple evening in Harrisburg. I found a hotel using hotelcoupons.com which is super awesome because if you walk in the night you want to check in you can usually get around 25% off your hotel stay! Saturday I had a LONG day of driving ahead of me. I did some work and left Harrisburg around noon. It was me, the road and 7 hours of driving. At first I was good to go, I had my brand new playlist on “Road Trippin” via spotify (follow me!), but soon that brand new playlist of awesome songs I had created started repeating songs I had heard an hour or so before. This is when things started to get slightly dismal.

I think about hour 3 I stopped singing and dancing to the music and it started to loose energy to make the drive. I did stop once only to get gas. Let me tell you something, Pennsylvania is long. It’s really fucking long. It’s like the longest state ever. Thats not true but it feels like it when you are driving across it. At one point I looked at the clock and realized I was just over halfway and decided to just call it quits. But then I thought, NO! I have places to be, people to see! So I found some old school 90’s hip hop, rocked out, got my shit together and made it happen (what I normally do when things go awry).

Let me tell you, it was all worth it when I reached my destination of Columbus Ohio. I was there to see my friend of 32 years Heather Burke. We grew up in the same beautiful neighborhood together and literally have been friends since birth. I don’t see Heather often, but every time I do it’s like no time has passed. We spent the night reminiscing on old times and discussed what life is like as we pretend to be adults every day. Heather and I grew up in a time (like most of you), where there was no internet or netfix, xbox, things that end in X. To give you an example of the simple things we used to do, I’ll reflect on one memory we discussed. We lived 2 houses from each other which meant I was in her backyard and vice versa. She would go into her brothers room, I would stay in mine and we would signal messages to each other via the light of the room. 1 light mean hey! 2 lights meant you can you play tomorrow? 3 Lights meant yes and so on and so forth. This is the type of simple fanfuckintastic type of activities we enjoyed as kids. Seriously though, we had the best neighborhood, the best friendship and that night we had the best night living it all over again.

Here is a throwback of Heather and I when we must have been around 7 or 8. I swear every photo of me before the angry age of 14+ I have that stupid grin on my face. Thanks for the memories now and then Heather.



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