Stalking the Amish

My next stop was Harrisburg, PA. I wasn’t stopping there for any other reason besides the fact that it was on the way to Ohio which would be my next stop. Just slightly out of my way was Lancaster, PA- home to the Amish. I hadn’t given much thought to going to Lancaster until my friend Mike mentioned it the night before. I’m glad I made the stop. The ride wasn’t too long and it was well worth it.

I know nothing about the Amish and I’m not going to start pretending here. What I do know is that they would probably frown on most aspects of my life, but that’s ok! If we were all the same this world would be far too boring to make living the adventure that it is. So my sister told me the story of how she was there once and saw a horse and buggy in the McDonald’s drive through- that was the only expectation I had of Lancaster.

So I never saw a horse and buggy in McDonald’s drive through but I did see some horse and buggys. I also saw some super crazy signs. Signs about going to hell, how the internet is destroying us, how we are all doomed. I haven’t even mentioned the town names. Let’s look at this- here is a town that used to be called one thing but then someone said “Lets change the towns name and lets change it to Intercourse.” How does that happen? Imagine there were signs in Essex that says “Intercourse, formerly known as Essex.” I might just make one to see what the locals do.


I have to make one mention that watching the Amish even for the small amount of time that I did- made me ponder a simpler life. The beauty of the area made me reflect on what really is important in life. I’m sure within the hour or two I posted some funny Facebook status but seeing this land, watching these people- it stopped me in my tracks, even if for just an afternoon.




Anyway, once my friend Emmy who is a sponsor of the trip, knew I was staying in Harrisburg, she asked that her photo be from there. I wasn’t sure what type of photo she would want so I texted her and she replied the name of a bridge which has already escaped me and has lost its place in my GPS recents due to all my traveling since then. So long story short I found the bridge and drove over it. Then I though, how am I going to take a photo of a bridge I’m driving on. So with a bit of creativity and biassing public property I actually got under the bridge and took this photo.

Now Emmy- this might not have been what you were looking for but it’s what you are getting and I’m pretty sure you will love it!



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