That time I fell in love in Colorado…Part II

So there we were…the Town Pump. Its a super tiny bar with awesome, crazy bumper stickers (see below) as well as great beer and even better company. We started chatting with the bartender and I explained what I was doing in town and how I was traveling around the country. She was super pumped about my story and before I knew it, there I was behind the bar.

FullSizeRender copy

Once we spent some quality time at the Town Pump we went to the another bar down the road where we were able to play pool, chat more and discover not only how bad I am at pool but what a sore loser I am 🙂 Luckily Joey happens to be on the nicest human beings I’ve ever met in my life so he took my sore loserness in stride.


So by this time, keep in mind we are at our fourth bar, I am feeling good, I am feeling confident and I am feeling very fortunate to have actually met the man behind the myth. We totally hit it off. We laughed and drank and shared stories. As we played pool I realized this might be my only chance of the short 48 hours that I would be in Fort Collins (24 hours of them already passed) that I would have to kiss the man that for the first time in a long time, made my heart flutter. So as I passed by him and gave him the pool stick to take his turn, I grabbed him and kissed him. And well- it was fanfuckingtastic.

That night will forever be in my mind as one of the best nights I’ve ever had. From the moment we met to the moment I boarded my plane- Joey and I didn’t leave each others side.

The next day we did go on his motorcycle and it was awesome. The weather was unseasonably warm, I got experience one of his biggest passions and I even got to hang on a little tighter than I needed to because, well- I wanted to and he didn’t seem to mind.


He took me out to an awesome dinner and I even got to meet a few of his very cool friends along the way. When I asked if he could bring me to the bus in the morning to catch my VERY early flight out of Denver he had a better solution which was to take me himself. The thought actually hadn’t even crossed my mind, I couldn’t imagine asking someone to wake up at 4:00 and drive and hour to get me to my flight. For him, it wasn’t a question.

So yes, I entitled this blog that time I fell in love in Colorado and I want to make something clear, I can’t say that after 48 hours I fell in love, that would be crazy! And I’m not sure what will happen with Joey and I but I hope for wonderful and big things. But I did fall in love in those 48 hours, I fell in love with how he made me feel, I fell in love with facing those “firsts,” I feel in love with being brave enough to plant a kiss on my new crush and I fell in love with what genuine happiness feels like because sometimes…you forget.

So for that, yes, I absolutely fell in love in Colorado.


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