Mykonos- Destined to be lost

Once I got to Athens, I figured out that the next stop would be Mykonos. A small island and only a 30 minute flight away. I saw the photos of a hotel I liked, but what I saw online was no comparison to the beauty I saw in front of me. The person that picked me up in the hotel shuttle was the same person that checked me in and the same person that cooked me breakfast the next day. The place is family owned and all I can say is that staying there was like staying with your own family that you’ve never met. From start to finish they made sure I was happy, comfortable and informed. So the first day I got there, the man at the hotel told me to get lost. He really did. He said, “Go get lost, come back and tell me what you found.” Well let’s put it this way, there is one way down to the port of the town and one way home and in between. I got more lost than I ever remember being. Also in that time frame I walked up what can only be described as the largest mountain anyone has ever climbed. And I NEVER EVER exaggerate. Ever.

Here is a pic from my phone of the hotel and the amazing pool.IMG_1877


Me enjoying Mykonos

IMG_1752 IMG_1806   IMG_1744 IMG_1736

The next day I smartened up and got an ATV. The guy literally gave me a 30 second instruction and sent me on my way. I will admit that not only did I drive with the parking brake on, I had several other motorist beep at me for the first few miles. But I had an agenda and her name was Shirley Valentine. My friend from home, Gretchen, introduced me to a movie about 3 months ago after I decided to travel to Greece called, “Shirley Valentine.” I don’t know how the hell you even rent movies at this point in life, but if you ever come across it, rent it, buy it, download it, stream it, smoke signal for it – I don’t know. It’s an amazing movie about a woman who basically packs up her home life in England, tells the world to go fuck itself and finds the true meaning of life in Mykonos, Greece. It was filmed here so I made a point of trying to find the exact place it was filmed, which is now known as Hippy Fish Restaurant.

Me on the ATV IMG_1801

Let me briefly explain what it’s like to get around Mykonos. Either you are lost or you are at your hotel; there is no in between. It’s like those hay stack maze’s except there isn’t hay, there’s gorgeous white buildings and instead of finding pumpkins at the end you find another hill to climb and most likely that one won’t take you were you need to go. Every path, corner and street looks like the one before. This isn’t coming from an ignorant tourist; I have a photographic memory and can clearly remember street names, places, things and names the way those people did in mystery books we used to read. But my street-wit-photographic-memory had nothing on Mykonos.

Here’s how it went down. : I started at noon. I had to conquer 12 km of an island. At 1:00 p.m. I ended at the wrong port. At 1:37 I ended in the middle of the island not even near water. At 2:13 I met baby goats that Google said was “my place of destination.” The look these goats gave me was as if to say “Look at this bitch trying to find Shirley Valentine, good luck!” At 2:46 I was told to go back to the crossroads and take a “left or right, can’t remember,” were his exact words. At 3:30 I ended up at a different farm with more goats, but they seemed older, wiser, and yet still no help to me and had the same demeanor as the baby goats- judgement. At 4:02 I found myself in a port opposite of where I was going, and at 4:30 I gave up. I parked the ATV and called it a day.

And I thought about my day. I thought about how everyone attempted to help me without hesitation with a big beautiful Grecian smile. How I realized the people beeped to let me know they were near me and not to tell me to move out of the way (think New York City, except the complete opposite). I thought about all the amazing sites I saw that even I couldn’t put into photos. I thought about how the air on my face during the ride was like a whole island rejuvenating my spirit. Lastly, I thought that Shirley Valentine would be proud of me regardless of wether I found her restaurant or not 🙂 I parked the ATV and looked behind me in one last hope that I had found the right place, but I did not. So I sat down on the ATV, put my headphones back on and looked up. I promise you I CAN NOT make the next part up. I looked up- I looked right up where I had parked ten minutes prior and there in front of me was Hippy Fish. And … it was closed. Closed for renovations. I had to laugh out loud.

This is where I parked the ATV, that small building up ahead is Hippy Fish and here are more pictures of where it was filmed.


IMG_1827 IMG_1837


You know what I got out of today? The in betweens, the people, the places, the things along the way- THAT is what life is made up of. Most of the time the end place isn’t what you expected anyway. So stop waiting for the job to change, the marriage to happen, the child to come, the child to grow up, the next big move, the money, the retirement, the family or friend to change — whatever the ideal circumstance you foresee. What you are doing right now – living, is what life is all about so do it once and do it right! And on that note I’ll have another drink! IMG_1847


Todays blog post is presented to you with this VERY appropriate and kick ass song-


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