When Mary Beth Got Her Groove Back

So I’m sure as you can tell by photos and posts, Greece was the most amazing trip of my life. I’ve done a lot of traveling but nothing compared to that trip. The timing was perfect, the culture was amazing and the number of weeks I was there was just right. So when I came home, I expected a rejuvenation that would make me sparkly, happy and ready to rock. I was wrong. I’ll explain how I quickly I realized I was not so happy to be home. I get off my flight in NY and grab my bags and walk outside to look for my ride. As soon as I walked outside I heard a man on his cell phone go, “No f*ck that man, f*ck you and your bullsh*t motherf*cker.” At that point I literally almost turned around and bought a ticket back to Greece.


Getting thrown back into American culture and New York culture, nonetheless, was quite a shock. I had imagined that upon my return I would be so excited to share my stories and see my friends and family but I found myself pulling back from all of that when I returned home. I will say that getting Pixel back was by far the highlight of my first week home. That little nugget makes my heart happy. I really wasn’t prepared for what I now know as post-vacation-blues. I learned that this is a real thing by doing what anyone does these days when they want to learn about something, I googled it. Wikipedia says, “Post vacation blues may result in tiredness, loss of appetite, strong feelings of nostalgia, and in some cases depression. Jet Lag may intensify the post vacation blues.”

IMG_2875 *reunited with Pixel! IMG_2888

I found myself not wanting to leave the house and not wanting to talk to anyone. I felt like every time I talked to someone and tried to explain how amazing the vacation was, I was taking away a small piece of what I experienced. Nothing I said was doing my experience justice and therefore I wanted to keep it to myself, keep it safe and keep it sacred. And I felt like a real jerk because I had all these wonderful people who wanted to see me and hear about this once in a lifetime experience and I didn’t want to share. I wanted to keep it all to myself in fear of losing it.

One night I found myself explaining my feelings to my friend Steve- – over text of course because I hadn’t left my house except to go to work for about a week. I explained to him this feeling and how I wanted to snap out of it. He said, “You don’t have to snap out of it, you have to carry Greece with you and carry the way you feel.” It made so much sense. It was so simple but it made so much sense. My time in Greece was never meant to be explained in one conversation or one blog post or one photo. It was something that would impact me for a lifetime and my job was to slowly allow myself to understand it and then like Steve said, carry it with me.


Since then I slowly but surely came out of my funk. I started seeing more people, going out more and talking about my time. I knew that not every conversation could do Greece the justice it deserved but I also knew that it was an experience that didn’t necessarily need to be explained, it would be seen. I am finding new ways every day to put Greece in my life. I’ve already done three day trips to small towns in New England to remind myself that travel is a necessity in my life and it can be as simple as a two hour drive to discover a town I’ve never been to before. I’ve taken time out of my day to stop and lay down in the sun. I am doing things like reading and writing on an almost daily basis- things that normally I only save for vacations.

IMG_2907 *one of my day trips was to the Lizzie Borden house in MA. If you don’t know her, she killed her mom and dad and we toured the house where it happened!

IMG_2956 This is another day trip to Shelburne Falls in MA

So the fear that I would lose Greece has been just the opposite. Greece is becoming a part of me more and more every day. I have even found ways to bring it into my work. I’m seeing things in a different way and can feel myself photographing from a different perspective and it’s pretty amazing. So if I see you out and about and you ask me about my trip, know that I might not have the exact words to describe the incredible experience I had but I’m learning each day how to carry it with me.

IMG_2881* Reuniting with my nieces was probably my favorite reunion!

Todays Post is brought to you by the song that always puts me in a good mood 🙂


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